Tucker Farms, Inc.

Where TuckerTaters are Sold and Served

Tucker Farms currently offers fifteen varieties of NYS certified and foundation seed potatoes to commercial growers, farm-stand growers, CSA’s and market gardeners, as well as home gardeners whether they be conventional or certified organic growers and everything in between. We also sell tablestock potatoes, a.k.a. 'fresh' potatoes directly to local chefs, retail stores, and to those consumers who know what they like and who come to the farm to pick them up themselves. All of our potatoes are sold 'by variety name'.

We ship seed potatoes to customers all across the U.S. Internet sales have expanded our customer base to at least 40 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, and more recently, even to Maine and Canada, but we have not forgotten our roots: Our tablestock potato customers include some of the better restaurants in our local Tri-Lakes region.

Orders can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. in 24 oz., 5 lb., 10 lb., or 50 lb. packages, 1-ton totes, or bulk shipments. Shipments to Canada and Mexico will require phytosanitary inspection and accompanying paperwork and fees. And, as always, seed potatoes and tablestock potatoes are available for on-farm pickup.

As seed potato growers, we constantly seek to anticipate which varieties will become desirable to commercial growers, market gardeners and others, even before they do--an impossible task, yet we can only try.

Tucker Farms constantly strives to stay abreast with the potato industry in general and the potato breeding program of Cornell University in particular (from which we receive the majority of our potato seedstock). As such, we stay in close touch with the Cornell University Potato Breeding Program in Ithaca, NY and with the nearby Cornell-Uihlein Seed Farm at Lake Placid.

3-year rotation for seed potatoes: All Tucker Farms seed potatoes are on a three-year plot rotation. This ensures the highest quality seed potatoes by reducing the harmful impacts of soil-borne organisms and insect pests. Note that NYS requires only a two-year rotation for foundation and certified seed potatoes. The three-year rotation ensures an exceptionally high degree of disease-free seed potatoes for the discriminating grower.

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