Tucker Farms, Inc.
ROCKS (Field Stone, Landscaping Boulders, River Rocks and River Boulders)

RIVER ROCK (same as River Boulders):
Generally speaking, river rock comes from two different sources. One is actual rivers or beaches from which they are extracted from the water (inside the Blue Line of the NYS Adirondack Park, this practice is illegal, unless appropriate permits have been obtained from NYS DEC, NYS APA and perhaps other authorities). The other source is from glacial till, dried beaches or from dried river bedsl which means the rock is dug up and screened from the surrounding dirt, silt and other debris. Our river rocks (boulders) are from glacial till from which we have extracted them and removed them from our fields. As such they will have mostly smoothed edges and rounded corners. While there will be some broken edges, some more than others, most will be smooth and roundish. The shape will depend on the nature of the rock itself. What is it made out of and where did it come from? Our rocks were brought here by the glaciers. We do not know where they came from. How long were they tumbled in the glaciers and/or streams? The Pleistocene epoch started around 2.588 million years ago and during this time featured at least four major intervals of glacial ice coverage which occurred over our farm during which the glacial till and all streams/rivers were disturbed in a major way each time. During this time, all such boulders and rocks as existed were tumbled and rolled until they became what they are today. (Technically, by definition, glacial till has never been tumbled by glacial action. However, since the Pleistocene epoch encompassed four distinct glacial periods, and some say, eleven separate glaciations, how can we suggest that the glacial till has not been disturbed at least four times, if not eleven? Does that not give Mother Nature enough time to round off the sharp edges of her boulders and rocks?) If nothing else, Mother Nature is inconsistent. If you want your rocks to all look the same, do not come to Tucker Farms, Inc. Our rocks and boulders are natural, as Mother Nature made them. If you are looking for true Adirondack field stone or true Adirondack river rocks (boulders), Call Steve or Tom for an appointment. Come to look at what we have.

Basically, the same as the above, except one probably does not need to be so concerned about shape and origin. Boulders make an undeniable statement in any landscaping project. Please check out what we have regarding size, shape, textures and color. A stunning accent boulder, born amongst the Adirondack glaciers of the Pleistocene epoch, would be as unique as any original work of art and would surely set your property off from your neighbors. Please come to Tucker Farms, Inc. to see what we have removed from our fields. Call Steve or Tom for an appointment.

Technically, all of our offerings are field stone. Since before 1860 when our ancestors first arrived here in the Town of Brighton (incidentally, before it was the Town of Brighton), we have been farming this land, laboriously removing the stones, rocks and boulders from the fields to make them less harsh on machinery and more economical for crop production. Thusly, we have been accumulating field stone in stone walls and in piles situated at various locations around the perimeter of our tillable acreage since that time. All of our field stone is natural, authentic Adirondack field stone removed from our fields for the purposes of farming. Call Steve or Tom for an appointment.

Obviously, any of our boulders can be cut and engraved for whatever purpose you intend. We will be glad to show you what we have. The rest is up to you. Call Steve or Tom for an appointment.

Weights by Diameter (each, piece):
6" = 9 to 12 lbs
8" = 20 to 25 lbs
10" = 45 to 50 lbs
12" = 75 to 90 lbs
18" = 200 to 250 lbs
24" = 500 to 650 lbs
30" = 1100 to 1300 lbs
36" = 2000 to 2700 lbs

Average Number of Cobbles per Ton:
4" to 8" cobbles, avg. 6 lb. each: Approx 330 cobbles
8" to 12" cobbles, avg. 20 lb each: Approx 100 cobbles
12" to 18" cobbles, avg. 75 lb. each: Approx. 27 cobbles
18" to 24" cobbles, avg. 200 lb. each: Approx. 10 cobbles

If you are looking for consistently sized and shaped stone or gravel, you need to go to a stone quarry where you can find cut-stone and gravel to suit your needs. Ours are as Mother Nature made them. Please be aware that natural stone is a product of Mother Nature and as such it will vary in color, texture and physical properties. We will be glad to show all interested parties these stones, rocks, landscaping boulders, river rocks, river boulders at their convenience. Please call ahead for an appointment. (See Contact Information)

We do not deliver. We do not load customer's trucks or trailers. We will sell rocks, stones, boulders by the piece or by the ton.