Tucker Farms, Inc.


Where TuckerTaters are Sold and Served

Tucker Farms currently offers twelve varieties of NYS certified and foundation seed potatoes to commercial growers, farm-stand growers and gardeners, as well as to organic growers. We also sell tablestock, a.k.a. 'fresh' potatoes directly to local chefs, retail stores, and to those consumers who know what they like. All of our potatoes are sold 'by variety name', which is quite unusual in the U.S. and North America.

Orders can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. in 24 oz., 5 lb., 10 lb., or 50 lb. sacks, 100 lb. burlap, 1-ton totes, or bulk shipments. Tucker Farms has shipped to 28 states in recent years. Please note that shipments to Canada and Mexico will require a phytosanitary inspection and accompanying paperwork. And, as always, seed potatoes and tablestock potatoes are available for on-farm pickup.

Tucker Farms offers five white-skinned, white-fleshed varieties: King Harry, Lamoka, Reba, Salem and Superior. Each of these are well-regarded in their markets. We also offer three purple-skinned varieties: All Blue--a purple-skinned, purple-fleshed heritage variety with long-established characteristics, Adirondack Blue--a purple-skinned, purple-fleshed variety which is good for chipping and tablestock, Peter Wilcox--a purple-skinned, yellow-fleshed variety with exceptional nutritional characteristics. We currently have three red-skinned varieties: Adirondack Red, a red-skinned, red-fleshed variety; Norland Dark Red, a red-skinned, white fleshed variety; Red Maria, a red-skinned, white-fleshed variety. We have only one yellow-fleshed, yellow-skinned variety: Lehigh. We find it far superior to Yukon Gold which we grew for many years.

Tucker Farms constantly strives to stay abreast with the potato industry in general and the potato breeding program of Cornell University in particular (from which we receive the majority of our potato seedstock). As such, last summer we were able to participate in a private tour of the Cornell University Potato Breeding Program, and last fall, we attended Dr. Walter De Jong's "Show and Tell Meeting" at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, where he presented his newest and most promising advanced selections from his breeding program. Please know we learned a lot from this meeting and our future offerings will be the result of having attended this meeting.

3 year rotation for seed potatoes: All Tucker Farms seed potatoes are on a three-year plot rotation. This ensures the highest quality seed potatoes by reducing the harmful impacts of soil-borne organisms and insect pests. Note that NYS requires only a two year rotation for foundation and certified seed potatoes. The three-year rotation will ensure an exceptionally high degree of disease-free seed potatoes for the discriminating grower.

Tucker Farms offers all of its tablestock potatoes for sale identified by variety. We do not know of any other grower/suppliers of tablestock potatoes who are doing this.

In 2002, Tucker Farms was honored to be recognized as a "Century Farm" by the NYS Agricultural Society for more than 100 years of continuous family farming in Franklin County, Town of Brighton. Actually, our father's great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Hobart started the farm during the 1860s, before the hamlet of Gabriels was called Gabriels, before it was even called Paul Smith's Station. Back then, it was simply called Brighton.

The farm really got going under Frank Hobart, our father's uncle, during the 1920s. He gradually became one of the largest potato growers in Franklin County, specializing in growing Green Mountain seed potatoes. At the New York State Potato show between 1930 and 1934 he was four times awarded Grand Champion of Show for his Green Mountain potatoes.

Currently, Steve and Tom attempt to duplicate the high quality of their predecessors. They were awarded the Empire State Potato Growers/NYS Agriculture & Markets' Eastern Region Grand Champion prize for potato packaging three times between 2004 and 2007 when Empire State Potato Growers discontinued the contest.