Tucker Farms, Inc.
Certified Seed and Tablestock Potato Varieties
Superior Superior
Parentage: B96-56 x M59.44
Released: 1961
Breeder/Agency: Gustav Rieman, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

After wide commercial production for more than 50 years, Superior is still a highly regarded variety with well-known performance. It is sometimes used as the standard for early-season white potatoes. In some circles, Superior is a standard baking variety.

Production Characteristics
  • Maturity: Early
  • Yield: Medium (250 to 350 cwt/a, marketable). Sensitive to low pH
  • Tuber set: Medium. Plant at spacing of 9 - 12 inches
  • Nitrogen: 160-180 lb/a (mineral soils); 100 lb/a (muck)
  • Specific gravity: Medium (1.07 to 1.096, avg. 1.076)
  • Diseases: Resistant to net necrosis, pink rot and common scab. Susceptible to golden nematode Ro1, blackleg, fusarium, PVLR, PVX, PVY, verticilium wilt, pressure bruise, late blight, early blight, CPB
  • Storage: Stores well, even though it has a short dormancy
  • Market: Market: A round white, early fresh market (tablestock) and chipping variety. The primary variety for shipping directly from the field. Chips well out of storage
  • Advantages: Moderately high yield potential with minimum losses to skinning during harvesting and grading. Tubers size early and are not subject to internal defects
Physical Characteristics
  • Plant
    • Habit/canopy: Medium-sized plants with erect to spreading habit
    • Medium plants. Erect to spreading vines
    • Inflorescences: Pale lilac flowers with white tips and stripes extending to the center
    • Leaves: Dull yellowish green, open, small
  • Tubers
    • Shape: Round to oval to oblong; smooth shaped; uniform size
    • Eyes: Medium shallow, evenly distributed
    • Skin color/texture: Buff color, smooth to slightly flaked texture
    • Flesh: White with no secondary colors
Culinary Characteristics
  • Taste/flavor: Good.
  • Texture after cooking: Fairly firm, dry, may slough after boiling. Moist when baked and french fried
  • Uses: Superior mashed. Excellent for potato salads. Good for chipping. Some consider Superior a standard for baked potatoes. Also good scalloped, steamed, fried, roasted.