Tucker Farms, Inc.
Certified Seed and Tablestock Potato Varieties
Magic Molly
Parentage: A seedling from open pollinated seed ball of Red Beauty
Release date: c. 2007
Breeder/Agency: Bill Campbell/Alaska DNR, Div. Agri., Plant Mat’l Center, Palmer, AK
PVP status: TBD

Commentary: Magic Molly is named after Bill Campbell's daughter. While not a true fingerling, Magic Molly's smallest tubers will easily pass for fingerlings. Magic Molly has fared very well in organic field trials and in various Alaskan taste tests. It is rapidly achieving cachet in the specialty marketplace.

Production Characteristics
  • Maturity: Mid-late season
  • Yield: Officially, low, 169 cwt/a. Yet, in 2015, we planted 1000 lbs and harvested 8000 lbs. This would seem higher than low
  • Tuber set: Medium, 3-5 tubers distributed throughout the hill
  • Nitrogen: TBD
  • Specific Gravity: 1.079
  • Diseases: Susceptible to Golden nematode, PVX; moderately resistant to common scab
  • Storage: Short dormancy
  • Markets: Specialty tablestock. Increasing recognition in organic and market gardening circles
  • Advantages: Striking purple color; no color fade from boiling
Physical Characteristics
  • Plant
    • Growth habit/canopy: Vigorous upright/semi-erect medium size plants, dense canopy
    • Inflorescence: Dull white corollas with yellow-green flares, medium profusion; anthers are half orange, half yellow. Produces seedballs
    • Stems: Most green, but some purple; some mottled or stippled with purple
    • Leaves: Primarily dull gray-green, but some, especially inferior portions of lateral pairs and petioles, may be purple
  • Tubers
    • Skin color and texture: Dark purple almost black skin, slightly netted
    • Shape: Oblong to long with round cross-section, but some flattened; occasional misshapen. Tubers may be small and round, or long, some more than 6 inches
    • Flesh: Brilliant purple with white flecks
    • Eye depth/distribution: Medium eye depth, well-distributed
Culinary Characteristics
  • Taste/flavor: Excellent flavor, especially roasted; high scores in Alaskan taste tests baked and boiled
  • Texture after cooking: Waxy (moist), firm. Baked, it will be moist
  • Preferred uses: All purpose in the true sense: good baked and boiled, yet it may be best roasted or as homefries
  • Presentation: Striking purple color makes attractive entrées; does not fade when boiled
  • Other: Higher in phytonutrients, anthocyanins and other antioxidants, than spinach and broccoli