Tucker Farms, Inc.
Certified Seed and Tablestock Potato Varieties
Magic Molly
Parentage: Open pollinated seed ball of Red Beauty
Release date: c. 2007
Breeder/Agency:  Bill Campbell, Plant Materials Center, Alaska DNR, Div. Agri., Palmer, AK
PVP status: None

Commentary:  Magic Molly is named after Bill Campbell's daughter.  While not a true fingerling, many smaller Magic Molly tubers will easily pass for fingerlings.  Magic Molly has fared very well in organic field trials and in various Alaskan taste/flavor tests.  It is rapidly achieving cachet in the specialty marketplace

Production Characteristics
  • Maturity: Mid-late season
  • Yield: Officially, low, 169 cwt/a. Yet, in 2015, we planted 1000 lbs and harvested 8000 lbs. This would seem much better than "low"
  • Tuber set: Medium, 3-5 tubers distributed throughout the hill
  • Nitrogen: TBD
  • Specific Gravity: 1.079
  • Diseases: Susceptible to Golden nematode, PVX, common scab.  Resistant to hollow heart
  • Storage: Short dormancy
  • Markets: Specialty tablestock. Increasing recognition in organic, natural and market gardening circles
  • Advantages: Striking purple color; no color fade from boiling
Physical Characteristics
  • Plant
    • Growth habit/canopy: Vigorous upright/semi-erect medium size plants, dense canopy
    • Inflorescence: Dull white corollas with yellow-green flares, medium profusion; anthers are half orange, half yellow.  Medium seedball (berry) production
    • Stems: Most green, but some purple; some mottled or stippled with purple.  Root system is unusually fibrous
    • Leaves: Primarily dull gray-green, but some, especially inferior portions of lateral pairs and petioles, may be purple
  • Tubers
    • Skin color and texture: Dark purple almost black skin, slightly netted
    • Shape: Oblong to long with round cross-section, but some flattened; occasional misshapen. Tubers may be small and round, or long, some more than 6 inches
    • Flesh: Brilliant purple with occasional white flecks
    • Eye depth/distribution: Medium eye depth, well-distributed
Culinary Characteristics
  • Taste/flavor: Excellent flavor, especially roasted; high scores in Alaskan taste tests baked and boiled
  • Texture after cooking: More waxy than mealy, despite its relatively high specific gravity.  Baked, it will be mid-dry
  • Preferred uses: All purpose in the true sense: good baked and boiled, yet it may be best roasted or as homefries.  It can also be used for purple potato chips 
  • Presentation: Striking purple color makes attractive entrées; does not fade when boiled
  • Nutrition: Higher in phytonutrients, anthocyanins and other antioxidants, than spinach and broccoli